Palladium Magazine is a non-partisan publication that explores the future of governance and society, through responsible slow publishing, long-form analysis, political theory, and investigative journalism. Jonah Bennett and Wolf Tivy co-founded Palladium in September 2018 to produce the high-quality, hard-hitting work needed in a time of institutional sclerosis, political upheaval, and dearth of original thought.

Palladium publishes long-form essays here on our website and a quarterly print edition for our members. The generosity of our members sustains our research and reporting. All of our public-interest journalism is published free of advertising. Become a Palladium member.

As part of its focus on serious, on-the-ground journalism, Palladium has sent its writers around the world on sometimes harrowing missions: from undercover in Xinjiang, to underground in a Chinese house church, and from the chaos of Venezuela, to the Gilets Jaunes protests in Paris, life in post-globalization Istanbul, the authoritarian rise of Kazakhstan, and the elite in Davos.

Our work has been featured and cited in The Atlantic, Foreign Affairs, Bloomberg, The Guardian, Foreign Policy, The New Yorker, Tech Crunch, The Washington Post, and The Diplomat, among other publications. Palladium is partnered with the World Economic Forum’s Strategic Intelligence Platform.

Our political theory and analysis has touched on the importance of deradicalization, how to find meaning in a world of power hierarchies, why elite responsibility is important, the growing Confucian power center in China making a bid for world power, and why we need a new state consciousness to support the public good.

Palladium is non-profit and donations to Palladium are tax-exempt under 501(c)(3). The generosity of our members sustains our journalism and enables us to make all of our reporting and analysis free to the public without advertising or paywall. Make a donation here to support our project.


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