Palladium is Hiring

Job Opening: Deputy Editor

Palladium Magazine is hiring a deputy editor. We are seeking strong candidates who are dedicated to our mission of producing high-quality, non-partisan, public interest journalism that explores the future of governance and society. Learn more about Palladium and our mission on our About page.

The deputy editor will support the work of Palladium’s editorial team as well as assist with our nonprofit administrative and business functions. Successful candidates will be able to deliver good work with competence and consistency. Strong candidates will be able to think, write, and edit at a high level of intellectual fluency, especially in Palladium’s core subject areas of governance, history, philosophy, economics, and technology.

Our core team (of which the deputy editor will be a part) is small but dynamic, with a start-up-like, mission-oriented, and all-hands-on-deck culture. Successful candidates will be self-motivated and entrepreneurial, able to solve problems independently, and willing to support senior editors. Dedication, competence, temperament, and alignment with our mission are essential—more important than particular details of your employment or educational experience—but please tell us what qualifies you for this job.

Our headquarters is in San Francisco’s financial district. We are open to interviewing and recruiting remote candidates, but we have a preference for candidates who are willing to work in-person at our headquarters office.

Examples of Specific Duties:

  • Assist Palladium’s senior editors with all manner of editorial, business, and research assignments.
  • Pitch ideas for new articles, assignments, writers, artists, guests, etc. to editorial team.
  • Manage digital editorial production workflow by tracking content from pitch through to publication.
  • Liaise with correspondents and freelance writers regarding current and prospective assignments.
  • Manage social media and marketing, including writing posts and tracking analytics.
  • Coordinate event planning and logistics for small conferences, membership events, and virtual events.
  • Communicate with Palladium members and provide troubleshooting support for membership issues.

Application Instructions:

To apply, please send an email to with a CV and a description of why you want to work for Palladium.

We may ask qualified candidates to submit further material, complete additional small tasks, and undergo reference checks or other background investigation at our discretion. We reserve the right to close this opening at any time without notice. Employment is at will and conditional on completing all pre-hire and regulatory requirements for working in the United States. Strong candidates who are not U.S. citizens should not be discouraged from applying, as work permits may be available in some cases. Compensation may be adjusted based on location. Candidates willing to relocate to San Francisco will be compensated sufficiently to cover relocation and SF living expenses.